Terms and Conditions and Customer Information

  1. The barrel is owned by Whiskey Warehouse No. 8. By purchasing a share, the buyer becomes joint owner of the barrel.
  1. Each participant declares by paying his share,
    1. that he is aware of the risks involved in splitting the barrels and that there may be a total loss of all funds invested. WW8 as the initiator is in no way liable if the distillery has caused damage to the barrel.
    2. that the final costs of a barrel division can only be calculated after bottling and transport to Germany. In particular, the variables are:
      1. The amount of alcohol in the bottling
      2. Number of liters in the barrel after storage (extrapolation based on assumed Angels Share of approx. 2% per year)
      3. Storage costs
      4. Bottling costs
      5. Label costs
      6. Freight charges
      7. Amount of the German spirits tax
      8. VAT amount
      9. Actual bottle yield per share
    3. The barrel is filled in barrel strength and in 0.7 l bottles
    4. An anticipated bottling date is set by the Whiskey Warehouse No.8.This can be changed by majority decision of the co-owners (simple majority). The following applies: One barrel share = 1 vote!
      In the event of a tie, my vote decides (Whiskey Warehouse No.8). Anyone who cannot be reached for this vote despite two attempts or does not take part in the vote has waived his right to vote in this vote and has joined the majority. For this reason, all address and / or email address changes must be sent to the for this purpose established e-mail address: Fasstteilung@Whisky-Warehouse.net or to the postal address: Whiskey Warehouse No.8
      Susanne Klink
      Am Schafwedel 8
  1. Payment of the barrel share:
    1. After the barrel portion has been paid, the share certificate will be sent to the shareholder by post.
    2. Anyone who cannot be reached in spite of the efforts of WW8 or who does not bear the costs after two reminders or two qualified dunning attempts is excluded from the group of shareholders and has given up all claims that go beyond the payment of the paid and interest-free portion. The amount will be made available for collection and managed by WW8 in order to donate it to a charitable organization 5 years later if not collected.
    3. The share will be offered to the other shareholders for takeover. If nobody is interested in a share takeover, the Whiskey Warehouse No. 8 already now to take over the share.