Sometimes people have crazy ideas. For whiskey lovers, this certainly includes the idea of buying a whiskey barrel. Your own barrel, your own single malt, a personal touch, just something special. So that’s the idea. What would I do with it then? Well, drink of course. Maybe not alone and definitely not all at once, but it is an interesting thought. You would also have something personal that you could give away and the communication factor is not to be despised either. But why was it never bought?

Well, because a barrel and its follow-up costs are very expensive for an individual and it seems unlikely that single malt Scotch whiskey will ever get cheaper.
What if you could buy shares in a barrel?

We have taken up this question and have been offering barrel splits since August 2019.
Ask us about the advantages and disadvantages of barrel splitting.

More Informations

The frequently asked question about the final costs of a barrel division (bottle price) should be illustrated in the following example calculation:


This sample calculation contains various variables such as

  • Amount of the German alcohol taxes

  • High alcohol content after 10 years, for example

  • Number of liters in the barrel (extrapolation based on assumed Angels Share of approx. 2% per year)

  • Amount of acquisition costs

  • Amount of bottling costs

  • VAT amount

  • Freight charges

  • Amount of storage costs

  • Label costs

For this reason, this sample calculation is without guarantee, assuming the status 08/2019.

Barrel content when filling:                    250 l with 63,5%
Barrel content after 10 years:                approx. 205 l with 58 % ( = approx. 295/0,7l Bottles)
corresponds to approx. 116 l of pure alcohol after 10 years.

Purchase cost:            € 2.500,–
Storage costs:          € 30,– x 10 (Years)= € 300,–
Bottling cost:                                      295 Bottles x € 3,– = € 885,–
Acohol taxes:                                     € 13,03 (per L alcohol) x 116 = approx. € 1.500,–
Transportation costs:                         € 600,–
Cost label:                                         € 295,–

Together:                                            € 6.080,–
excl. 19% VAT..   :                               € 1.155,20–

Total cost:                                        € 7.235,20-
Total bolltes:                                     295
cost per bottle:                                 = approx. € 24,50

With 2% Angels Share, after 10 years approx. 4.1 l remain from 5 l / share (corresponds to approx. 5 – 6 bottles).
Total costs per share at the end of around € 120 – € 144.