Ardmore - Distillery

History: The distillery was founded in 1898 by Adam Teacher and was expanded from two to four stills in 1955 and then to eight in 1974.

1976 the Allied Destillers Ltd. took over the company William Teacher & Sons and thus the distillery. The malt house was closed when it was taken over. Allied Breweries became Allied Distillers in 1987 after the takeover of Hiram Walker and Allied Domecq in 1993 after the takeover of Pedro Domecq.

In 2005 the spirits company Pernod Record took over Allied Domecq and with it the Ardmore distillery. These had to separate, but due to requirements of the Cartel Office Von Ardmore and sold them to Beam Global.

In January 2014, the takeover of Beam Global by the Japanese spirits company Suntory became known and thus Ardmore changed ownership to Suntory.

Character: Ardmore whiskeys are very malty malts with a buttery character. Some of Ardmore’s single malts are light to medium-heavy peated. The local Speyside peat conveys earthy and smoky aromas. Oily and strong in the body, Ardmore bottlings are ideal as digistifs.

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