Glen Garioch- Distillery

History: The distillery was founded in 1797. It has a long and eventful history with many changes of ownership and closures. Between 1937 and 1970 the distillery belonged to Scottish Malt Destillers, which closed the distillery in 1968. It has been owned by Stanley Morrison (Bowmore) since 1970 and was completely taken over by the Japanese group Suntory in 1994. They were one of the first distilleries in Scotland to switch to natural gas to fire their (stills), with the waste heat being fed into greenhouses since 1976.

Glen Garioch is one of the few stills that still has its own malt floors, but they are no longer used. In 1955 the distillery was closed for some time and was supposed to close, but was then reopened in 1997. The current yearly production is 750,000 liters.

Character: The Glen Garioch distillery is a non-smoky, “floral” Highland whiskey.

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