Glenlossie - Distillery

History: The distillery was founded in 1876 by John Duff. In 1896, John Duff handed the distillery over to Hanry MacKay in order to concentrate on the newly founded Longmore Distillery. In 1919 the distillery went to the Distillers Company Limited (DCL). Glenlossie was rebuilt in 1929 after a devastating fire. The number of stills was increased from four to six in 1962.

The water of the distillery belonging to the Speyside region comes from the Bardon Brun, like both of the nearby Mannochmore Distillery. They have a mash tun, eight washbacks made of larch wood, three wash stills and three spirit stills that are heated with steam. Glenlossie has a capacity of 2.1 liters per year.

Character: The whiskeys have a conductive to medium body. They have floral, spicy, grassy and malty aromas. Long lasting drying

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