Linkwood - Distillery

History: Linkwood was founded by Peter Brown in 1825. Peter Brown’s son William rebuilt the distillery in 1872. In 1897 the Linkwood-Glenlivet Co. Ltd. was founded. The Distillery was later acquired by Scottish Malt Bistillers (SMD). The number of stills in Linkwood was increased from two to six by a completely rebuild in 1871. The distillery has belonged to the DCL since 1933. The daughter John McEwan Ltd. was registered as a license holder until 1992, before everything was then transferred to United Distillers or today UDV and its parent company Diagco plc. has been overwritten. A good 100 years after the new building, another stillhouse was added. In 1962, the distillery manager Roderick McKenzie only started production again after the conversion and replacement of the (stills). In 1992 the distillery became the property of United Distillers.

Character: The Linkwood whiskeys are attributed with malty and fruity aromas. Smells of cherries, chocolate, nutmeg and malty sweetness are not uncommon. In terms of taste, there are usually roasted aromas and sometimes light smoke aromas, with a strong malt taste.

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