Miltonduff- Distillery

History: The Miltonduff distillery was built in 1824 on the site of the Pluscarden Benedictine monastery and taken over by Hiram Walker in 1936. In the 1970s, major investments were made and the facility expanded. At times, two Lomond stills are getting installed, in which a malt called Mosstowie was distilled. Today Miltenduff works with six stills and gets their water from the Black Brun. This small river already served the monks of the monastery in the Middle Ages, at least mentioned on the bottle crates. In 1930 and 1970 the distillery was extensively renovated.

Character: Miltonduff single malts have a complex aroma and taste profile with floral, nutty, chocolaty and also salty notes. Typical aromas are vanilla and a very light smoke.

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